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Geneva Track II Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria – The Significance of Religion, Faith-Based Organizations and Civil Society

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on January 21, 2014

Geneva: Track II Jan 23-25 in UN Geneva

By UPF-International
Universal Peace Federation (UPF) is convening a special program entitled “Geneva: Track II” in Geneva, Switzerland on Jan. 23-25, 2014, concurrent with the “Geneva II” inter-governmental conference that aims to bring about a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Syria.The theme for the consultation is “Toward Peace and Reconciliation in Syria: The Significance of Religion, Faith-Based Organizations and Civil Society.”The tragic and devastating consequences of the conflict war in Syria, both in terms of the loss of life and the millions of displaced persons, is giving rise to a humanitarian disaster of epic proportion. UPF applauds the efforts of the United Nations, the United States, Russia and the participating nations, and seeks to offer support for the success of Geneva II.

The intention in convening a wide variety of spiritual and religious leaders, as well as academicians, civil society representatives, women and youth, is to supplement the “track one” initiative of Geneva II, with a “track two” program that underscores the need to engage religious and spiritual leaders, faith-based organizations and a variety of civil society organizations in the pursuit of peace.

The primary segments of the program include:

  • A high-level segment of faith leaders, academicians and other stakeholders who will deliberate on the current crisis in Syria, including the wider geopolitical context, and considering the role which religion, civil society, women and faith-based organizations can play in restoring peace and order in Syria
  • An interfaith program that features a variety of spiritual and religious voices, interfaith prayers for peace and artistic performances
  • Presentation of the “Geneva Interfaith Statement on Peace in Syria”
  • High-level meetings with principals of governmental delegations
  • A youth initiative

In addition to the above, participants will be offered a wider range of opportunities to meet and network with high-level officials representing religion, government, academia, the private sector and the media.

This follows the Amman Consultation, entitled ‘Amman Conference on Prospects for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria’, that was held in 11th -13th October 2013. The Executive Report on the consultation is available from here.

Dr Thomas Walsh, International President of UPF was asked to speak at a Vatican conference recently “Syria: Can We Remain Indifferent?”

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