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Invitation to upcoming events partnering with ShoutOut UK on Sat 27th April and Tue 7th May

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on April 18, 2019

Bringing Change to Our Communities

Saturday 27th April 2019

Are you a person who works with young people or a young person yourself? are you generally interesting in the future of our young people?

If so be sure to come and bring the interested people with you to the UPF Young Achievers event run by ShoutOut UK and UPF.

Time/Date: Refreshments from 10:30am , Saturday 27th April 2019


43 Lancaster Gate


W2 3NA

Topics discussed:

Are you tired of seeing homeless people in our streets and feeling hopeless about how to help them?

I know we are all surprised and hearing yet another knife and gun crime in our borough in our street or somewhere in the UK do you think its time that we all did our bit to help this enormous problem. Please come and hear pertinent stories regarding knife and gun crime.

You will have the opportunity to join a ‘Hackathon’ to share your ideas, interact with others and inspire change for the future of our youth.

Help Prevent Avoidable Deaths Lost By Suicide

7th May 2019 in House of Commons

When you feel suicidal in the UK, doctors tell you to go to A&E. What you will find there is based on luck: will you find compassion? Or will you be judged and turned away? A majority of the time, the latter. Yet, asking for help can be a turning point for individuals in crisis.

We are a team of people profoundly touched by lives both lost and saved by suicide who want to change this current reality. So we have launched a petition to call on parliament to create a nation-wide, guaranteed response to individuals seeking help for suicidal thoughts and feelings in our hospitals!

Link to Petition

About the Event

For the last 5 months we have been running a campaign to raise awareness about the dangerous inconsistency in the response of hospitals across the country towards individuals in crisis.

Two of our group ran across the width of the UK to raise signatures and awareness, leading to two BBC interviews and a whole heap of additional signatures.

Now that we are coming to the time limit of our petition, we are running a final push to get the 10,000 signatures needed to get a response from Government.

Who Is This Event For?

We are all touched by mental health issues in some way in our lives. Whether it’s us, our co-workers, our family, our friends, the musicians we listen to, the nurses and doctors who help us or the politicians who make the decisions.

Mental illness and suicidal thoughts don’t discriminate.

If you are interested in improving mental health support in the UK and would like to show your support for this petition and the changes we are calling on the government to implement, this event is for you.

Your support and participation will make a big difference.


6pm: Arrival

6:15pm prompt: An introduction and viewing of the campaign film

6:20pm: Interviews with Michelle and Johnny who ran the width of the UK

6:50pm: Panel with MPs followed by Q&A

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