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We are partnering with ShoutOutUK for the First Ever Youth Political Sports Festival!

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on May 31, 2019

Dear Friends,

UPF is partnering with ShoutOutUK to help young people break down the barriers between politicians and the electorate, we would very much like you, being young or old, to come and support this event. Here is more about it, please respond to the link below to show your interest.

Join us for the UK’s FIRST EVER Youth Political Sports Festival!

The festival will run a series of sporting events which pits political figures against each other to break down the barrier between politicians and the electorate. Inspired by the BBC show superstars, MPs will compete against each other in a decathlon-style sports competition. Earning points for each sport they compete in, with the final winner being able to give a speech to the end!

Politics is becoming increasingly tribal, with society becoming ever more polarised and divided. We wish to bring politics into amateur sport, with the aim of uniting people around a common passion, attracting people who may not otherwise be interested in politics and channelling the growing competitiveness surrounding politics and between political parties into something positive.

An idea of this kind has never been tried before in the UK. Be part of something NEW, join us this Summer!


09.00 – Registration

10.00 – Welcome speech + MC (Aaron Roach Bridgeman) introductions

10.10 – Pre-Event Survey + Online Menti-Meter Game run by MC

10.30 – Political Party Team Introductions with Music

11.00 – ROUND 1 Endurance – 100 METRE SPRINT

11.20 – ROUND 2 Mental Stamina – (questions submitted by the audience)

12.00 – Round 3 Team Work – RELAY RACE

12.30 – Awards Announced + winning speech

13.00 – Lunch, networking with MP’s

14.00 – Workshop Series + Reflections (choice of 4)

15.10 – Workshop Series + Reflections (choice of 4)

16.10 – Post-Event Survey

16.20 – Meet the Youth Party Wings + networking

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