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Forgiveness and Reconciliation – October 4th 2009

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Universal Peace Federation Community Cohesion Group

‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation’

Friend’s Meeting House, 173-177 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BJ  (opposite Euston Station)

1:45 pm,  4th October, 2009

Tel : 020 7262 0985  Fax : 020 7724 2262

Email: Web: Weblog

Speakers Include:

Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, World Congress of Faiths President

Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, Chairman Muslim Council for Religious & Racial Harmony UK

Prof. Natubhai Shah, Chair of Jain Network and Jain Academy

Bhai Mohinder Sahib Singh, Chair of British Sikh Consultative Forum

Jonathan Fryer, Quaker Writer and Broadcaster

Jehangir Sarosh, Zoroastrian

Rev. Dr. Sumana Siri, Buddhist Cardinal of Europe

Mr Jack Corley, Regional Director, Unification Movement UK and Ireland

Andrea Foulkes, UK TV’s Expert on Soul Freedom Therapy

Lord King of West Bromwich, UPF Patron

Swami Saradananda, Indian Pilgrimages

Rev. Dr David Hanna, Unificationist Pastor Bromley

Edwin Shuker, Co-Chair of Sephardic Jewish Association – UK

Ruth Barnett, Holocaust Educator

The profound tradition of renewal through forgiveness / repentance and reconciliation has graced the pages of history. The process of seeking either the release of forgiveness or repentance is a mysterious and unpredictable human relational experience. Great fears, dangers or grievances have changed in a moment that was remembered for a lifetime or recorded to educate and give courage to future generations.

On October 4th there will be a morning round table conference including such keynote speakers as Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh and Dr Ghayassudin Siddiqui.

In the afternoon, between 2.00- 5.30pm, a much larger audience will gather Friend’s Meeting House on Euston Road coming from all backgrounds, cultures and faiths to hear from religious leaders and others with examples from their scriptures and traditions. There will be selected stories from people with dramatic firsthand experience of forgiveness and reconciliation.

There will be recitals from students and the younger generation about the topic through poetry they have either written or received inspiration through reading. We also hope to include a short play enacted by young people representing various faiths and cultures on the theme of ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation of Racial and of Religious Conflict’.

We will end the afternoon with some topical musical contributions and a reconciliation ceremony that demonstrates religions and cultures coming together.

Please register your interest to attend or to contribute to the event. If you have further suggestions, new ideas or people, younger or older, who can help this special occasion on Sunday 4th of October to be a great success, please let us know.

There will be a £5 charge to cover expenses. Further details will be sent to you in the near future.

Yours sincerely,

Cllr. Margaret Ali: UPF –UK:   Mobile: 07723024750

On behalf of the Organising Committee:
Dr Natubhai Shah Advisor, Cllr. Faizullah Khan , Cllr. Janet Baddeley, Cllr. Liaquat Ali, Vanessa Edwards
& Ruth Barnett

Community Cohesion Working Group  (CCWG):

  • Cllr Liaquat Ali – former Mayor of London Borough of Waltham Forest
  • Cllr Janet Baddeley  –  Borough Council of Watford
  • Mr Edwin Shuker    –  Chair – Association of Shephadic Jewish Council
  • Cllr Greta Sohoye   –   Croydon Council
  • Mr Robin Marsh          – Secretary General – UPF UK
  • Mr Amarjeet Singh Bhambra – Hindu Council UK
  • Constable I. Chukwudum –  Met HQ – race relations
  • Dr Natubhai Shah  – Chair of Jain Academy- special advisor to CCWG Festivals
  • Dr Sukhbir Singh   –  London Rep of GNNSJ of Soho Rd Birmingham -special advisor to CCWG Festivals
  • Mrs Ruth Louise Barnett – Holocaust  educator
  • Vanessa Edwards   – Secretary  of CCWG
  • Brenda Hodgeson – Peace worker – serves on MEPI committee
  • Saleha Jaffer – Joint Chair of CCWG- Community Cohesion Consultant
  • Cllr Mushtaq Lasharie – Kensington and Chelsea –  Chair of 3rd World Solidarity,
  • Alan Rainer  – Interfaith worker – RE teacher –  strong interest in youth -Luton
  • Hilde Rapp – conflict Resolution – Co – Chair, Centre of International Peacebuilding
  • Ajit Singh  MBE– Hounslow –  Interfaith work for 20yrs
  • Tim Miller – Chair of Hastings Faiths Forum
  • Margaret Ali – UPF – UK – director- Joint chair of CCWG
  • Shamsuddin Agha – President of Indian Muslim Federation – UK
  • Mr Brigg Mohan Gupta – Chair of Hindu Heritage UK
  • Cllr Faizullah khan – former Speaker of London Borough of Hackney

Click Here for Information on Past Community Cohesion Activities

Three Faiths of Abraham

Opening Ceremony Details:

Forgiveness & Reconciliation Day

4th of October 2009 – 2- 5.30pm

Friends Meeting House

2:00 pm Opening Ceremony

Has 4 components:

  • Speeches from faith and civic leaders and youth,
  • Chants or readings from various scriptures of faiths represented Read by young representatives.
  • Reconciliatory WATER CEREMONY on stage -by young and senior members of all faiths:
  • Large group Guided Meditation –

Around 21 people including top speakers from morning conference and Faith and Youth representatives of various cultures and faiths will be on stage – one or 2 professors will explain about the significance of the day.- after which representatives of different faiths will have a few minutes to give some understanding of Forgiveness & or Reconciliation from their Faith Perspective. There will also be a speaker representing youth. Since this will be a large number, we will be inviting chants or readings about the topic from various scriptures interspersed with the speeches – this should take about 30min (10X representatives @ 3min each) we will then have ( 4X 2-3min of chants or readings) we will then have a magnificent Water ceremony – when each faith representative together with a young representative pours water from a small jug into a large container which is placed on a table in the middle of the stage – the meaning of the ceremony  will also be narrated by MC and this will be against a beautiful visual presentation projected on a large screen of a DVD of rivers and waterfalls of Scotland, Wales and Lake District, wonderful, calm inspirational  music accompanies this.  This will take another 10 min or so and this will culminate in a group meditation guided by some ladies of different meditation disciplines working together. Overall grand opening ceremony should take just over an hour.

Please Note that the participants who will take part in the grand Opening Ceremony on stage, will be seated most of the time.

5 Responses to “Forgiveness and Reconciliation – October 4th 2009”

  1. Dr Ali said

    Sir, pleace send the newsletter. Thanx

  2. the topic you chose forgiveness and reconciliation is very important subject which will bring peace,co existence,harmony and tolerance to all religious bodies, it will also promote and enhance good relationship to us all.
    In this regard THE MUSLIM STUDENTS AND YOUTH TRAINING CENTER IN KUMASI GHANA is requesting an invitation letter to attend all this important conference
    Thank you
    Yours Faithfully

  3. MANEK SANGOI said

    It is something to be organised wherever conflicts are going on and where there are their possibilities. Let the message be spread for those who to create conflict and try to solve it by creating more conflicts breaking peace into pieces.

    Kindly register our names for an event.

    Gratefully yours
    Manek and Zaverben Sangoi

  4. Jean said

    How can I get involved in taking a part in this meeting please? Having experienced the Genocide in Rwanda at a young age and ended up loosing both my parents, families and friends. I would like an opportunity to talk about my life experience and how I forgave those who killed my family. I am saved and born again Christian and that boosts my morale!

    Waiting eagerly to hear from you.

  5. […] Forgiveness and Reconciliation – October 4th 2009 « PeaceDevelopmentNetwork's Weblog – view page – cached Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid, Chairman Muslim Council for Religious & Racial Harmony UK — From the page […]

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