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International Peace Day Concert – Music for Peace in the Middle East

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on September 25, 2013

ImageOn UN International Peace Day, Universal Peace Federation – UK helped Tally Koren to organise a wonderful concert of Middle Eastern musicians in support of the Parents Circle Family Forum. ‘Music for Peace in the Middle East’ included Palestinian Oud player and singer, Nizar Al-Issa, guitarist Udi Glazer, Anna Kempton on Chello, violinist Julia Stone and Woody Dean on the piano and was held in the classic church background of St Peter’s in Notting Hill. Photos

Music for Peace in the Middle East was a celebration of music from different cultures. Each person here tonight is supporting the language of love and on this note the first musician, the Persian Hamid Rasti, started playing with his instrument of 72 strings so beautifully. It was just music, peace, hearts beating and calming down in this church. It was just beautiful and every time we turned our heads back more people where coming in. Music has no barrier, as he diligently played and with what looked like chopsticks we all relaxed and he took us on a journey of hope.

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