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Former Philippine Speaker Jose de Venecia speaks at Father Moon’s Ascension Anniversary

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on August 23, 2013

Former Senator Jose de Venecia who addressed the Commemoration Ceremony of Father Moon's First Ascension Anniversary

Former Senator Jose de Venecia who addressed the Commemoration Ceremony of Father Moon’s First Ascension Anniversary in South Korea




Dear Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and members of the Moon Family.

Excellencies. Ambassadors for Peace. Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to have the opportunity to share with you a few words this morning in honor of the life, the teachings and the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon who passed away to the spiritual world one year ago today.

I am always moved and uplifted when I come to Cheong Pyeong. My wife, Congresswoman Gina de Venecia, and I have had the very good fortune to have visited Father and Mother Moon on many occasions in this holy place, this holy land.

In particular, Gina and I will never forget the kindness and compassion shown to us by Father and Mother Moon following the tragic accident that led to the untimely passing of our beloved daughter, KC (Kristina Casimira). Both of us were deeply moved by the love and care which both Father and Mother Moon provided at that difficult time. Indeed it was one of the most difficult times in our life, and we will never forget their generosity and loving kindness. (Report on Conference

When I learned of Father Moon’s passing one year ago, I was dumbfounded. I had seen him

Father Moon's Ascension Anniversary Commemoration

Father Moon’s First Ascension Anniversary

on so many occasions, standing before multitudes such as we have today, and speaking for hours, full of dynamic passion, vitality, and almost superhuman energy. I could never imagine him getting ill, let alone passing away. But, of course, each of us resides on this earth on borrowed time, for a temporary period. Each of us is destined for a higher place, with God, in the spiritual world. I know that Father Moon is alive and well in the spiritual world. And, you can be absolutely sure that, wherever he is in that eternal world, he continues to teach and speak with an unbounded energy that exceeds all the dynamism he once demonstrated here on this earthly plane.

Can you imagine what I am saying is true? Is he not here today, in our midst? Yes, I can see that you agree.

In fact, I feel his presence is right here, as strong as it ever was when he walked this earth. Can’t you feel his presence here in this place?

I never met Father Moon when Mother Moon was not by his side. They were inseparable. In fact, I think they are still inseparable. Isn’t that true?

As they say, behind every great man, stands a great woman. And, I know it is also true of Father Moon. We are blessed that Mother Moon, who knows Father Moon better than anyone, is herself standing strong in carrying on the great work that Father Moon began.

What is this work?

Father Moon was the leading force in global interfaith. In the dialogue between religions, cultures, in the dialogue between civilizations. He knew that we can never achieve world peace without first establishing good relations among the religions and the believers of this world.

In fact, in August 2000, Father Moon initiated the call for the United Nations to create an interreligious council as a central organ of that great global institution. He knew that the UN can never be entirely successful in achieving its noble ends without the inclusion of religions and spiritual leaders. Father Moon was truly prophetic. He voiced an idea whose time has come.

Father Moon has been the leading force in the promotion of strong, healthy, loving marriages and families. He knew that the family was the school of love, the school of citizenship, the school of ethics and the school of character. Gina and I participated in Father and Mother Moon’s Blessing Ceremony to strengthen marriage and family.

The list goes on, and includes the great work of the Universal Peace Federation at the United Nations, in Asia, Africa, in North and Latin America and in Europe. The work of the Women’s Federation for World Peace. The Washington Times. The Little Angels Performing Arts. The vision of a Bering Strait Tunnel and the International Highway Project. Sun Moon University. The University of Bridgeport in the U.S. and the education of the young, countless jobs created in countless little projects in various corners of the world.

Over the past few days, in the International Leadership Conference, we have been studying about the thought, the life and the legacy of Father Moon. We have learned so much, and we have each developed a greater appreciation for this man of God, who, with single-minded dedication, devoted every moment of his life to his mission. Not only proclaiming but PRACTICING the principle of “living for the sake of others.”

As we go forward from this day, let us keep the vision, the memory and heart of Father Moon close to our hearts.

Our greatest testimony of our appreciation to Father Moon will be that we continued to carry on with the work he called each of us to do. The work for peace. The work for human development. The work for interfaith cooperation. The work for true love and true families.

Let us never falter in our resolve. We are gathered here not only to remember and mourn. Our task is to carry on. Our task is to strive until the good fight is won. Yes, peace is difficult but it is achievable.

Together we can make it happen.

Father Moon. Mother Moon. We love you.

Thank you very much.

Former Philippine Speaker Jose de Venecia

Founding Chairman, International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP)

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

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2 Responses to “Former Philippine Speaker Jose de Venecia speaks at Father Moon’s Ascension Anniversary”

  1. I Meet FatherMoon in Berlin, he was great, i have also a pfoto whit im, i Work also since long time for Peace. i dont now if somebody like FatherMoon still in this world is? but i am happy that i have see him. hope he is in Paradise Amin.

  2. Mario said

    Correction, he is not a former senator but a former Speaker of the House.

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