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Legacy of Peace Photos

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on June 8, 2010

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Photos of the Legacy of Peace event on June 6th 2010.

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) – UK held a unique and special ‘Legacy of Peace’ event to commemorate and celebrate the life and work of notable Ambassadors for Peace within a one day conference examining ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation’. In attendance in the Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London were people from all faith backgrounds and leaders and pioneers in interfaith. That itself spoke for the idea that no one religion has a monopoly on God or goodness and that this event was truly a collective offering and one that undoubtedly brought joy to our Creator.

Those whose lives were honoured in a moving ceremony were leading “Ambassadors for Peace” who passed away in recent years including Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi, Prof. Ninian Smart, Mr OP Sharma OBE, Prof Anthony Flew and Mr. Maurice Geoghegan and several prominent international figures who had been close friends of the UPF and Father and Mother Moon including Pres. Abdurrahman Wahid, a former president of Indonesia, Shaykh Hassan Cissé of Senegal and Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi. Mr. Hédi Annabi, a Tunisian diplomat and head of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, who died in the 2010 Haitian earthquake and the one hundred UN workers who died alongside Mr. Annabi were also remembered.

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2 Responses to “Legacy of Peace Photos”

  1. Marek Zielinski said

    Once again I thank you very much for inviting me to these last two events on Sunday the 6th.
    It was good to to have this opportunity to share with others the “Legacy of Peace” program and ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation’ conference, where on all of them we had this opportunity to hear and to be heard about, and of our commitment towards the same final goal – Peace.
    We all had a chance to hear the words of peace in our everyday lives, in personal relationships and experiences with others, in music, quotations from holy scriptures, prayers, wishes and other, you name it.

    Topics of the programs and programs themselves were so impressive and inspiring.
    Inspiring to further actions like my father’s project that I had the pleasure to introduce to you recently.

    The time has come to further this proposal, and to hand it over into the hands of those who are able and ready to fulfil the Legacy of Peace and assist us in cooperation with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire. This is taken from the UN Resolution 55/282, in §3 of the International Day of Peace, 111th plenary meeting, 7th September 2001.

    When you recover from the exhaustion from of the last Sunday’s event, say within one week or so, I would like to meet you again to give me this opportunity to reveal all the details of the concerned proposal.

    I thank you very much in advance for further cooperation, as you Margaret proposed in our initial meeting. I would like to ask for Father Moon’s blessings for the success of the Global Peace Forever Committee initiative and to call for all Ambassadors of Peace to participate in spreading the good news and establishing global peace forever.

    In Spirit of Global Peace Forever and One Family under God

    Marek Zielinski and Family

  2. Long before the Sunday’s conference was still in the process of being organized its topics ‘Forgiveness and Reconciliation’ have already echoed all over around the world touching hearts of noble men – angels who despite of the fact that they do not hold direct responsibility for atrocities committed in the past by the Stalin’s government.

    They apologized for the committed crimes the same time ‘…fulfilling the law of Christ.’

    Bear ye one another’s burdens and so ye shall fulfil the law of Christ’ (Galatians VI, 2).

    Only angels, Ambassadors of Peace and those who are willing to establish peace on Earth can do it.

    Then after the conference, another government apologized for past events of 1972 despite of the fact that they did not hold direct responsibility for it.
    How noble!?

    Forgiveness and Reconciliation happen here and there, now and for the future. This is a good sign to live the life
    In Spirit of Global Peace Forever and One Family under God

    Marek Zielinski and Family

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