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UPF Get Together December 21st, 2009

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on December 23, 2009

Dr Hojjat Ramzy Receives an Ambassador for Peace Award

Snow in the late afternoon prevented many of those who said they were coming from attending an end of year get together. Nevertheless we had a good sharing about ideas for 2010 between those brave souls who were able to come. There was a presentation of an Ambassador for Peace Award to Dr Hojjat Ramzy and a discussion of the importance of marriage and family.

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Ambassador for Peace Award for Dr Hojjat Ramzy:

Dear Madame Chairman, Secretary General, Trustees, Delegates, Ambassadors and Friends,

I greet you with Islamic greeting of peace, Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah, meaning (Peace and blessings of Almighty God be with you all).

I would like to thank the Universal Peace Federation for accepting me as a member of their prestigious organization. It is a privilege and an honour to be part of this global organisation whose aim is to promote peace throughout the world, regardless of race, wealth or status.

My aim in life has always been to strive to live for the sake of others in the pursuit of world peace, integration, cohesion and education for all. It is a great opportunity for me to work with likeminded people who all have the same ambitions.

I would like to say, before I leave this world, it is my dream to see a world that is harmonious and peaceful for all, where everyone lives together in harmony. A free world with no wars which destroy, no walls to divide, and no borders to separate. A world where everyone is united within one family, a world in which everyone cares for each other.

And last but by no means least; I would like to thank my dear honourable friend Mr Villayat Khokhar for nominating me.

I thank you again.

May God Bless You All.

Dr. Hojjat Ramzy


Since arriving in England over thirty years ago, Dr Hojjat Ramzy has dedicated his life to the propagation of knowledge and the provision of accurate and accessible information concerning Islam to the community of Oxfordshire, in which he is currently based, and far beyond, in order to further understanding and peaceful coexistence amongst faith in this ever developing, multi-cultural country.

In September 2003, following the reorganisation of the state school system in Oxfordshire and the closure of the last single sex girls state school in the area, Dr Ramzy, who is now Proprietor, undertook the mammoth challenge of establishing the first Islamic School in this historic academic city, with the aim of providing the highest standard of education in the most conducive Islamic environment for the future generation of Muslims in order for them to enter the working world as informed and educated individuals, increasing the prospects for the integration and cohesion of these young Muslims into British society.

This, however, is not Dr Ramzy’s only pursuit. In addition to the overseeing of this establishment, Dr Ramzy also pursues the goal of providing clear and accurate knowledge about Islam to the community of Oxfordshire at large through the running of the Oxford Islamic Information Centre. Through this organisation, Dr Ramzy runs a stand in Oxford’s busy city centre which provides reliable information, advice and literature on Islam to the public free of charge. Dr Ramzy firmly believes in supplying people with an accessible source of accurate information about the religion, and endeavours to answer all questions, whatever they may be and whoever they may be asked by. From police chiefs, to bishops, from students to MPs and your average Saturday shopper, Dr Ramzy has been approached by an incredibly diverse range of inquirers and hopes to have helped dispel some of their common misconceptions about the faith. As a result of these efforts, Dr Ramzy has facilitated over 200 shahadah declarations.

Another facet of this enterprise is the provision of lessons and lectures specifically tailored to suit the needs of new Muslims, as well as the provision of Muslim wedding and divorce ceremonies in his capacity as an Islamic Judge and Registrar. In this respect, Dr Ramzy provides clear advice and support to these new Muslims as to how to retain their European identities at the same time as practising their Islamic faith.

The Information Centre also acts as a hub for fundraising and as the agent in Oxford for Muslim Aid and Islamic Relief, Human relief foundation. Dr Ramzy works to collect funds for disaster appeals in all corners of the world, by the Grace of Almighty God and with the help of the community, he has been able to raise thousands to help ease the suffering of those in need.

Community cohesion is also high on his agenda and as Director of this organisation he has been contacted by numerous institutions around the country and as a result he also acts as Muslim Chaplain for several organisations including Thames Valley Police, the John Radcliffe Hospital and Immigration Centre. Through this role he aims to provide them with practical information concerning Islam; from advising the police force on the correct behaviour when in a Muslim home, to guiding hospital staff on procedures following the death of a Muslim patient. As an extension to this, he also works with the International Interfaith Centre through which he has had much contact with religious leaders of all faiths in Oxfordshire and beyond. He works particularly closely with local Christian and Jewish leaders in order to further dialogue and understanding between faiths, and to promote integration and cooperation between the citizens of Oxfordshire and by extension, the entire country and beyond. This work includes many projects, from dialogue groups, interfaith lectures on themes surrounding Global Peace, seminars to students on current issues within Islam, consultation and research, as well as grassroots activities, such as delivering sermons at local Christmas services about the status of Mary and Jesus in Islam.

In addition, he has also joined forces with faith leaders from around the county in peaceful demonstrations and activities to further the peace process in areas of conflict around the world, including annual multi-faith peace walks which include tours of local religious places of worship in order to familiarise the community with the diversity of faiths that exist around them and to unite them in common cause against aggression and violence.

Added to the above endeavours, Dr Ramzy is also a key founders of Oxford’s Darussalam organisation, created with the aim of establishing Oxford’s first centre and mosque for Oxfordshire’s growing Arab population. This project aims to provide for the needs of this community, offering adult and youth education in Arabic, as well as projects and activities to facilitate social integration and cohesion. In addition he is also a Representative of the Muslim Community of Oxford, Vice Chair of the MCB Education Committee and a member of SACRE, jobs through which he has made the acquaintance of both Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Charles.

As husband to an English convert and father of five children, Dr Ramzy also places great emphasis on family life and has encouraged his children to avidly pursue their education and become involved with the activities of wider society, as a result of which his eldest is now studying Oriental Studies at Oxford University with the aim of entering the Interfaith Arena in future.

Dr Ramzy has expended copious amounts of time, energy and effort, as yet unrecognised, in ensuring that Oxford has a firm base for the provision of accurate and accessible knowledge and information about Islam in order to further peaceful community relations and his patience and perseverance despite the trials and challenges has been unfailing in fulfilling these God given duties.

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