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New Vision Amid Economic Crisis – Daily Jang

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on May 30, 2009

2nd April  2009,  House of Commons Committee Room 14

img029 New Vision Amid The Economic Crisis G20 April 2nd 2009 Daily Jang article 1

One Response to “New Vision Amid Economic Crisis – Daily Jang”

  1. In my humble opinion: Every greedy action of man is the equivalent of downfall to his own brother, And so, it’s better to live a simple but dignified life while letting others live theirs too.

    In my own words: Money isn’t everything, But a life spent for others is a life worthwhile.

    As a Jury Campaigner: I support and stand for Equality
    And that makes me an eternal non-partisan.
    No man is above the law.
    Eva thumbs up!

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