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New Vision Amid Economic Crisis – Daily Jang

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on May 30, 2009

2nd April  2009,  House of Commons Committee Room 14

img029 New Vision Amid The Economic Crisis G20 April 2nd 2009 Daily Jang article 1

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Eliminating World Poverty – DfID Consultation Ends May 27th

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on May 22, 2009

Please note this consultation is now closed:

Please find a copy of an invitation from the Department for International Development to contribute to their white paper on Eliminating World Poverty – Deadline May 27th

1. Building our common future
2. Global economic growth
3. Climate change
4. Fragile and conflict-affected countries
5. International institutional reform

19 February 2009 (Original Announcement)
New UK White Paper on International Development
“The global community faces enormous challenges. The economic crisis, food Security, climate change, energy insecurity, conflict, rising population – these are the challenges of unprecedented magnitude which affects us all, and in particular the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. The nature of this interdependence means that it has never been so important to invest in our common future.”
Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development

Over the last decade, there have been massive gains in reducing global poverty yet there are some big threats as we leave a strong era of global economic growth.

The global financial crisis is bringing the most significant economic downturn for decades which could devastate the developing world as 90 million more people are forced into poverty at the end of the year. The effects of climate change are increasingly apparent and conflict as well as weak government is preventing progress for millions of people. The global economic crisis has also revealed a number of flaws in the international system.

Have your say
The Department for International Development will be producing a new White Paper this summer which will outline how the government can tackle global poverty in the context of these long term challenges.

1. Building our common future
2. Global economic growth
3. Climate change
4. Fragile and conflict-affected countries
5. International institutional reform

Eliminating World Poverty: Assuring our Common Future
A consultation document

The UK Government believes that helping the poor is not only a moral imperative, but in our increasingly interdependent world, it is in our long-term interests. It is an essential element of our international policy that enables the UK to be a successful world leader and a strong force for good.

Later this year DFID will publish a new White Paper on International Development setting out how the UK Government aims to continue helping deliver better lives for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. A world shocked by recent global events and more connected than ever before means new approaches are required for the challenges we now face in pursuit of our mission.

Despite these adverse events of seismic proportion and consequence, we must acknowledge the remarkable progress in reducing world poverty over the last decade. In the UK, we can be proud of our collective contribution to this success, across Government, NGOs, faith groups, trade unions, private sector and many others. The three previous White Papers (1997, 2000 and 2006) have provided the UK with a clear focus on eliminating poverty, and have helped ensure that the UK plays a key role in lifting 3 million people out of poverty every year. Fighting global poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals will continue to be at the heart of our mission. We must continue our work on core areas such as getting more children to school, tackling HIV/AIDS and malaria, and continuing to put gender equality at the heart of our agenda. But we also need to recalibrate elements of our agenda to deal with the changed circumstances which now prevail.

This consultation document sets the current context and then outlines some preliminary ideas and poses a series of questions on four priority areas. I encourage all concerned to respond to these questions. We also welcome comments on how we can further refine our existing agenda, for example on supporting basic services such as health and education. The Government relies on your contributions of experience, knowledge and wisdom as key inputs to its policy formulation.

I very much look forward to your responses. Please send your comments by Wednesday 27th May 2009 to or by post to White Paper Team, DFID, 1 Palace Street, London SW1E 5HE.
Rt. Hon Douglas Alexander MP,
Secretary of State for International Development, March 2009

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Seasonal Get-Together & Family and Marriage Discussion

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on May 15, 2009

Universal Peace Federation (UPF)

Seasonal Get Together & Family and Marriage Discussion

21st December 5:30pm Refreshments for 6:00 pm Start

At 43 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NA

Seminar on World Peace Blessing December 2009 (powerpoint)

We would like to end the evening with some entertainment. Please come forward if you can offer your talents.

You are cordially invited to attend our get together on Monday 21st of December. I hope you agree that throughout the year we have had many interesting programmes and events. However, before the end of the year we would like to come together to share our thoughts and our gratitude to all that has been good this year.

We would like to get together with some close friends and Ambassadors for Peace, especially those who could not attend the end of year UPF Peace Council on 5th December, to look at what we can do in 2010. Up until the end of February 2010, UPF will have a focus upon marriage and family life.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to attend one of our introductions to Universal Peace Federation’s core values. They are being held in response to many of our friends wanting to know more about UPF in general and its core values for marriage and family. In particular at this time we are focusing on core values regarding marriage and family. The UPF motto of “One Family Under God” which will certainly advance the creation of a world of peace. In the future we hope to work together to promote the ideal of marriage within our society. We look forward to hear from you. Please confirm attendance by email or the numbers below.

Warm Regards

Robin Marsh                                                      Cllr. Margaret Ali and Joyce Suda (02084673035)

Secretary General                                            Directors

07956 210 768                                                (Margaret) 0208-395-6788 / / 07723024750

Universal Peace Federation – UK

Email: Tel: 44 (0) 207 262 0985

Peace and Development Network:

UPF is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

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