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Mongolia: Global Peace Festival and the Millennium Development Goals.

Posted by peacedevelopmentnetwork on September 26, 2008

Mongolia: Global Peace Festival and the

Millennium Development Goals.

September 26th, 2008

43 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NA

The evening began with a Reception at which we were happy to meet several people from the Mongolia Association UK. H.E. Bulgaa Altangerel, the Ambassador of Mongolia, began proceedings by mentioning the good influence of the Global Peace Festival for the promotion of reconciliation. He mentioned that one of his main roles was to develop the economic relations with the UK.



John Grogan MP, the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mongolia, has visited Mongolia five times this year. He had been an election monitor in parliamentary elections at the end of June that had seemed to fulfil international standards. This was a mark of its transformation to a mature democratic state even though there had been some troubles following the elections. John Grogan explained the pride of the Mongolian people when two gold medals were won by Mongolia in the Beijing Olympics.

John Grogan MP and Mark Brann

John Grogan MP and Mark Brann

Mark Brann, the CEO of the Global Peace Festival, explained that the value of the partnerships that have developed to run the Global Peace Festival. He encouraged all of us to work together to make the London GPF as successful as the Mongolian festival had been. A video of the Global Peace Festival in Mongolia showed the same square that had suffered conflict after the elections full of people enjoying the Festival.  Reports and videos are available on and

Dr Nancy Tokola

Dr Nancy Tokola

Dr. Nancy Tokola, who was a visiting Professor for Biomedical Ethics (2005-2007) in the Health Sciences University of Mongolia, explained the state of the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). She stated that Mongolia had decided a 9th MDG for Human Rights and Democratic Development was necessary for their nation to fulfil the other eight MDGs. A 2007 MDG assessment found that Mongolia will need $14 billion to accomplish the MDGs by 2015 with 50% of targets achievable or already achieved (MDGs 4,5, 8 and 9) and 47% were slow or backsliding (MDG’s 1, 2 3,6 and 7.)

John Mann, a British historian and writer on Mongolia, has written several books on the region. He was available to sign the books at the end of the evening. He has written books about Genghis Khan, Kublai Khan and Attila the Hun. He talked of his findings of a religious order of Genghis Khan in Northern China. He explained how Genghis Khan was driven by a sense that heaven had decreed that Mongolia owned the world and should govern it. Despite being a nomadic people they had gone beyond raiding other lands to governing their conquered lands effectively. He had established religious freedom and trade within his empire.

John Man

John Man


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